Floor plan

Floor plan of ŠKUC gallery

Description of the Škuc Gallery venue:

Škuc Gallery has a trapezoidal floor plan, divided lengthways into two halves. The right half comprises the first gallery area accessed from the street, while the left side is divided into three smaller exhibition rooms.

One enters Škuc Gallery over a concrete step or threshold, entering the first and biggest room in the gallery.
Next to the door on the right is a large window overlooking the street. The room is trapezoidal and continues to the other side of the building, where there is a wide window which extends to the ceiling. The long room is divided approximately in the middle by a height difference of two steps. The raised part of the room has wooden floors, while the lower part beside the door has tiles of different sizes, patterns and shapes.
On the left side, there is wall with a baseboard heater in front of it. On the right side, in front of the window, there is a small raised platform, like a tiny stage, with a low table with printed materials about the exhibition. On the other side of the raised platform, there is another, higher, table with printed materials and a chair for the gallery security guard.
The room is widest by the entrance door, and narrows towards the back wall, which has a window overlooking the inner yard. This window extends from the floor to the ceiling and across almost the entire wall. At the ceiling, the window ends in a semi-circle. The high ceiling in the entire room is arched.

In addition to the entrance doors, there are four entrances to other rooms. On the right-hand side, next to the wooden platform, there is swing door leading to the information area of the gallery, with computers and a library. Then, there is a passage on the right wall on the raised part after the two steps, which leads to the toilets.

Two passageways are located on the left. Entrance to the other gallery space is via a passage on the left side, a bit further from the main entrance door. When entering the room, there are two windows to the left which overlook the street, and a passage to the next (third, middle) room on the right side. The passage has three steps. The wall continues in this line in the neighbouring room.

One can also access the third, middle, room via the first gallery room, after the stairs to the left, opposite the toilet area.

The passageway to the fourth room is in the wall straight ahead on the right side if one enters the third room from the second, or immediately to the right on the right wall when entering the third room from the first room after the stairs. The fourth room has only one passage and a window overlooking the inner yard.