About Institut UPS / Creative Bureau Cooperate

Institut UPS is build up from independent group with exceptionally heterogenous knowledge and experience. The group formed on the basis of the qualification training in the project COoperate in the years 2011/2012 under the professional lead of the project leader, Katja Sudec.

In our work we use acquired knowledge, where the starting-point of our work is the use of artistic languages. In co-operation with the associate professionals we organize the preparation of the accompanying projects in the field of culture and try to bring the cultural goods in museums and above all in galleries, closer to heterogenous social groups with the emphasis on the persons with a special personal condition of physical impediment (sensory impediment – blind and weak-sighted, motorical impediment and other forms of special needs) for adults, youth and children.

On our own initiative or on invitation we co-operate at organizing the accompanying programs in cultural institutions where upon agreement we take care of acquiring the finances, of the coordination of winning the target groups, informing the public and preparing the scheme of accompanying programs where a part of the attention is payed to basic accessibility. In agreement with museum and gallery pedagogical workers we also plan the management and take care of evaluation simultaneously.

In the framework of trainings that we carry out within the projects or separately, together with invited professionals (dddr. Evgen Bavčar, prof. Črtomir Frelih, dr. Aksinja Kermauner, dr. Verena Vidrih Perko, Anja Winter, Jovana Komnenič and Dirk Sorge, Claudia Hummel, Carmen Mörsch, dr. Emily Pringle, etc.) we offer specific knowledge for working in the field of culture with and for a heterogenous audience. Trainings cover the cultural management field (project management, fundraising), cultural politics and gallery mediation or pedagogics with the emphasis on artistic mediation to heterogenous social groups, above all the deprived (from heterogenous physical impediments to social impediments , be it physical or ethnic characteristics, or age).

The manner of contents scheming of the accompanying programs follows the logic of the creative approach that the author brought from the German speaking area,resulting from her working experience and research with colleagues in Berlin (»Institut Art in Context«, »6th Berlin Biennale«, »Kulturelle Bildung«, and from working elsewhere in Germany).

We are working closely with Galerija Škuc and the Association ŠKUC which is the holder of projects, along with associated galleries and other cultural and educational institutions, and associations home and abroad.

In the style of our slogan »For bringing Culture closer to Everyone« we cordially greet you and are inviting you into our company!

*Katja Sudec - organizational and pedagogical leader, lecturer in the cultural educational field - fine arts, gallery mediation and cultural management specifics, otherwise the author of the projects COoperate and AKTIV