Best practice example

  • COoperate among examples of good practice in the EU

We are very proud to report that COoperate initiative, which has developed from the COoperate Together in the field of culture project, has received a special recognition. At its website, the European Commission published a report by the Open Method of Coordination working group on the role of public arts and public institutions in the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue (the initiative closely cooperates with public institutions, e.g. Maribor Gallery).

The report discusses the role of cultural institutions in promoting cultural diversity and inter-cultural dialogue. Among the 25 examples of good practice in the EU is also the work of the COoperate team.

The report, highlights that cultural institutions play a major role in the promotion of cultural diversity, which signifies added value and an opportunity for European societies. By becoming spaces for deepening the understanding of different cultures and establishing participation and creative encounters cultural institutions can play a crucial role in connecting people and building a more cohesive and open society.

We are very proud that our work has been recognised at EU level, as it provides us with immense motivation to actively continue what we started and, as originally conceived, further develop our work in the area of art education, cultural management and expanding access to culture to everyone, particularly vulnerable groups.