About the project

Short name of the project:

different yet equal

Short summary:
Museums and galleries offer diverse knowledge. If art is free, it should be freely accessible to everyone. What we observe and perceive, observes us back, enriches us and encourages us to do new things.

By introducing their own methods, artists, museums and galleries can offer an understanding of what they do, create new models by interdisciplinary approach which can benefit the wider society, and make use of social engagement of art and its power of emancipation by including diverse social groups. This how art mediation practices promote intellectual and aesthetic experience of art and museum collections.

ACTIV project seeks to strengthen the active involvement of vulnerable social groups into social life and society by providing training focusing on acquiring skills which boost employment potential.

Despite the fact that developing new methodologies via the work of project groups refers to the blind and visually impaired, the project content were equally offered to other disabled groups, as well as socially vulnerable ethnical groups. The project indeed incorporates specific needs of these groups, which is obvious from the result targets that presume the broadest inclusion of vulnerable groups into cultural activity through the democratic language of art and performative methodology, which is being developed during the implementation of the project. This is also due to the fact that we often deal with heterogenous groups, which are not defined with the single term “vulnerable groups”.