Approach and content

The project promotes an interdisciplinary approach, which considers the principles of all disciplines and groups involved.

1. Due to general interest, the first training sessions will focus on project management, improving the administrative skills of everyone included in the project.

2. Further sessions will expand the knowledge with regard to working with the blind and visually impaired and focus on basic adjustments that have to be made in order to work with them.

3. A large part of the project will focus on the use of artistic language for the development of materials and methodologies on culture training for members of vulnerable groups, the blind and the visually impaired starting from the perspective of the blind and visually impaired and targeting other social groups in order to promote different comprehension of cultural goods and world in general, and strengthening the employment potential of the blind and visually impaired not only among the target group but also the wider public.

The activity will be presented in two formats: expert symposium and in the form of working groups.

The symposium is primarily intended for the expert public. Members of the target group are also invited. The purpose of the symposium is to prepare an overview of what has been achieved so far in Slovenia and abroad and familiarise the participants with existing methods and the basis for further work.

Working groups focus on art education programmes (education, animation) in museum and gallery venues, particularly the creative aspect of the education and the primary care for enabling access and providing information to marginal groups.

Working group mentors are experts working with the blind and visually impaired. The latter have already completed training courses within the COoperate project and are familiar with the working method. There will also be new active participant from the involved groups, who will be part of the development process and acquire practical skills. Working groups actively develop new approaches to work and methodologies. This is an interdisciplinary approach, which is implemented in artistic language and considers the content and work strategies of other disciplines involved.

One of the activities will also focus on team work as a method for promoting tolerance and combining different perspectives in order to develop new methodologies.

In the final part, the strategies and project proposals developed within the established working groups will be offered to different groups, which will provide an opportunity for the working groups to test the effectiveness of the developed methodology. Thus, the project offers starting points for addressing new audience, opens new horizons to the traditional public and creates a new type of culture professional.
Within the scope of the project, we also strive to gather assistants, art lovers who are prepared to be guides for the disabled at cultural events.