Project goals

Via a series of workshops and lectures included in the COoperate Together in the field of culture the target groups – persons with disabilities and cultural workers providing training to persons with disabilities – will actively cooperate and acquire specific methodology-related know-how in order to achieve greater integration of persons with disabilities at cultural institutions and consequently increase their chances of finding employment there. At the practice level, the emphasis will be on working with the blind and visually impaired, which, however, does not exclude other persons with disabilities.

  1.  Train persons with disabilities for the cultural project management of proposed accompanying programmes at cultural institutions;
    - write press releases;
    - provide support services aimed at enlivening the programme
  2. Train cultural workers for working with and for persons with disabilities.
  3. Develop methodology and supporting project models at cultural institutions.
  4. Enable access to cultural programme to persons with disabilities (the blind and visually impaired).
  5. Transfer effective international practices to Slovenia.

Project activities anticipate the following study approach:
  1. Members of both target groups – persons with disabilities and cultural professionals providing training to persons with disabilities – attend lectures and discussion, which are also open to general public.
  2. All actively participate at workshops and are trained in specific methodology skills.
  3. The final stage is conducted through one-to-one tutoring.

The project involves cooperation between persons with disabilities, culture professionals and visitors, which leads to a wider and more in-depth perspective. The goal is the mutual encouragement of the work of both groups.
Such an approach enables social and human interaction, which popularises various creative processes in cultural dialogue with a wider spectrum of social groups.

The target group – participants with disability – gain the knowledge needed to work at cultural institutions and an opportunity to find employment there. Other persons with disabilities will have the opportunity to learn about art in an understandable way.
The target group – providers of training and collaborating professionals from the field of culture – gain knowledge to work with persons with disabilities, provide group training, and communicate about temporary and permanent exhibitions to the wider public.
They provide persons with disabilities with information about projects, while they present a different and more tolerant approach to the wider public.

For every programme section, evaluation, upgrading and amending of the training curriculum is planned, which makes it possible for the project to further expand and develop with every implementation.