“One of the greatest benefits is greater love of culture, contemporary art, which also entails a growing need to participate in cultural activities.” (Marko Mikulin)

This statement testifies to the power of art to promote creative and innovative thinking, growing beyond its original setting - studio, museum or gallery - to encourage active participation in a wider social context by including various social groups and strengthening creativity and mutual cooperation.

This leads to the following question:
What can artists, museums and galleries do for society and the visitors? How, with and for whom? This is one of the questions based on the principles of working in the culture sector which the AKTIV international conference will seek to answer, targeting project participants, relevant professionals and the wider public. 

The programme of the symposium is based on the core principles of cooperating with the public in galleries and museums in order to provide an insight into art education. We have specifically focused on vulnerable social groups (originally the blind and visually impaired) and the possibility to expand the project to other target groups (ethnically vulnerable, children and youth, the elderly, people with special needs, etc.).